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Bacon Hole, Gower. General view of the cave entrance where excavations between 1974 and 1984 sampled deposits of OIS 5 and 2-3 age. This site, Minchin Hole, and other cave sites on the Gower Peninsula contain dated fossiliferous sequences, of critical importance for understanding climate, environment and faunal change during the period of Late Pleistocene human absence.
Excavations at Marsworth, Buckinghamshire. The sequence includes evidence for 2 temperate episodes (late OIS 7 and 5e) and an intervening cold stage (OIS 6). These deposits and the nearshore marine / terrestrial sequences associated with the Brighton-Norton Raised Beach in Sussex are devoid of artefacts.
During warm intervals hippos lived at a site under what is now Trafalgar Square.

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