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Pre-Anglian artefacts from High Lodge (left), Kents Cavern (middle), and Westbury-sub-Mendip (right).
Lateral views of cheek teeth of the vole Mimomys (left) and its descendant, Arvicola (right). Teeth of the former cease growth after eruption and develop roots; those of the latter continue to grow throughout the life of the animal and so lack roots. Evolutionary changes in the Mimomys / Arvicola lineage have been used to date the earliest occurrence of hominids in Europe.
Handaxe and cutmarked bone from Boxgrove, West Sussex. A typical example of a well-made limande/ovate biface from Pre-Anglian landsurface associated with the Goodwood-Slindon Raised Beach. Microwear analysis of unpatinated handaxes from the site shows that they were used to butcher large mammals.
Mole humeri from Westbury-sub-Mendip. Common mole Talpa europaea (left), and the small extinct mole T. minor (right).
Boxgrove cutmarks
Artefacts from the Calcareous Member, Westbury-sub-Mendip described by Bishop.
Foraminifer: Ammonia falsobeccarii (Rouvillois), umbilical view, x 295 (top).
Ostracod: Baffinicythere howei Hazel, female left valve, x 90 (bottom).
Natural History Museum excavation at Westbury-sub-Mendip cave. The infilled cavern sediments were exposed by limestone quarrying in the late 1960s.
Scrapers from the clayey silts at High Lodge.
Westbury-sub-Mendip opening
Handaxes from Kent's Cavern from basal breccia underlying a stalagmite floor dated to >350,000 years ago.
Small mammal remains are often found in great abundance as this example of a barn owl accumulation from Westbury Cave illustrates. Small mammals are sensitive indicators of environment and environmental change, and provide important taphonomic and biostratigraphical information.


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