The Natural History Museum
AHOB members Currant, Parfitt, Symmons, and Stringer are staff in the NHM Department of Palaeontology.
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AHOB is funded by

The British Museum
AHOB members Ashton and Jacobi are staff in the Department of Prehistory and Early Europe of the BM.
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Royal Holloway, University of London
AHOB members Rose, Candy, and Schreve are part of the RH Department of Geography.
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Queen Mary, University of London
AHOB members Lewis and Polly are staff in the QM departments of Geography and Biology respectively.
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University of Durham
AHOB member White is a lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at Durham.
Visit the Durham website at
University College London
AHOB member Parfitt is staff in the Institute of Archaeology at UCL.
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University of Bradford
AHOB members Richards and Griffiths is in Paleodietary Research group of the the Department of Archaelogical Sciences. Visit the Bradford Website at:

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