Flint artefacts from Gough's Cave. (1-4) Abruptly modified blades; (5) End-scraper; (6) Burin; (7) Piercer; (8) Blade with rounded end; and (9,10) Blades with scalar edge modification.


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The Ancient Human Occupation of Britain (AHOB) was a three-phase project to investigate ancient humans from the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic in northern Europe that ran from 2001 through 2011 with funding from the Leverhulme Trust. This website contains information about the project and provides access to data generated AHOB research.


AHOB Database

THE AHOB database contains information about selected key Pleistocene sites in Britain that document early hominin occupation of northwestern Europe. These data were assembled by researchers working with the project between 2001 and 2015 and are made available here for research, teaching, and other uses.

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AHOB Publications

Here is a random selection from the bibliography of papers published by the AHOB research team.

Bräuer, G., Broeg, H. and Stringer, C. 2006. The earliest Upper Palaeolithic crania from the Czech Republic and the question of Neanderthal-modern continuity: metrical evidence from the fronto-facial region. In C. Finlayson and C. Stringer (eds) Proceedings of the Calpe 2001 Conference, Gibraltar. Chicago University Press: Chicago, pp. 269-279. [Electronic copy of this text]

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